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Sainsbury's stops taking cheques.

Sainsbury's has become the latest big retailer to stop taking cheques, following the increasing popularity of debit cards instead. From 1 August, its customers will no longer be able to use cheques to buy goods in the chain's 800 stores.

The supermarket says few people use cheques and argues that paying with them is too time-consuming. Other firms in the UK have opted to phase out cheques including Asda, Morrisons, Boots, WH Smith and Shell. London Underground (ASLEF - London Underground) stopped taking them from tube travellers on 15 July 2015

"Like other retailers they are being used less and less by our customers," said a Sainsbury's spokeswoman.

The policies and laws decided upon by the politicians affect everyone in so many ways in every day life. To see how their laws are put into practise, click here to look at this solicitors website, as they cover a wide range of legal issues affecting businesses and individuals.

The number who still use them among its 17 million weekly customers was "very, very, small," she added. However leaflets given to customers in Sainsbury's stores say the main reason for the decision is the continued level of fraud involving cheques


Labour's love affair with Europe

Labour has had a conflicted relationship with “Europe” and its various stages of political union, ever since Ernie Bevin rejected Jean Monet’s 1950s plan for a European Coal and Steel Community because “the Durham Miners wouldn’t buy it”.

Political historian Peter Hennessy has explained that this opposition reflected both the workers’ concerns that they would lose control of the just-newly nationalised heavy industries, but also how those same men had fought across Europe just a decade before as the Durham Light Infantry, and would be loath to share any form of power or sovereignty with their former foes.

More than half a century later, these old suspicions and enmities have dwindled but Labour has remained restricted by a parochial Weltanschauung.

Tony Blair promised in 1997 to put Britain “at the heart of Europe” but rapidly found himself constrained first by New Labour’s timidity towards the tabloid press (remember The Sun’s headline describing then-German finance minister Oskar Lafontaine as “the most dangerous man in Europe” over tax harmonization proposals?), and then by the toxic fallout from the Iraq War and Donald Rumsfeld’s distinctions between “Old” and “New” Europe.

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Welcome to the Politics and Policy website. With the ever changing face of world and national politics, and the global community facing more challenges than ever before, it is no surprise that the demand for news about the latest political developments is at its highest.

Politics is an ever changing field, with global repercussions for all, and as such everyone wants to know what their elected officials are doing in the name of their country, and in the name of their people.

Thankfully, thanks to the internet, politics is easier to follow than it ever has been. If you have any questions about Politics and Policy, get in touch with us and we will endeavour to answer them.


The new Politics and Policy website is not related to the old Policy Press website. If you would like more information regarding the Policy Press website please contact them directly.

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