What Careers Don’t Require Any Qualifications?

For some, further education coupled with a large amount of debt doesn’t appeal to some. Sometimes, there’s simply a lack of jobs waiting for those completing their university studies.

However, there are a number of high-paying jobs that don’t require any qualifications. Here are three top paying jobs when it comes to finding the right role without the necessary degree.

Train Drivers

According to recent TFL figures, the average base pay of a tube driver is just over £55,000.

Although the majority of the time will be spent underground in darkness, tube and train drivers are well-paid, with pay packages including holiday, overtime and impressive employer pension contributions.

Newly qualified train drivers can usually earn around £25,000 upon completing their initial training which usually is paired with some great benefits too.

If you’ve preferred keeping to yourself whilst looking for ways to make a living without any qualifications, then becoming a tube driver might be the perfect opportunity.

Property Developer

Becoming a property developer or commercial builder requires a lot of hard work and determination, however, it’s a viable career path for anyone who has a passion for overseeing housing projects. You will also need to be good with money as you will have to learn about MONEY! Finance your first property development?

Key skills are required when it comes to choosing this type of career, including:

  • Financial skills.
  • Technical Skills
  • People Skills


With house sales continuing to increase in the UK, the property development market is booming. You can easily begin researching the key steps and securing finance to begin your career in property development.


Becoming a recruiter is heavily reliant on your ability to connect with people and remain optimistic. Recruiters thrive on interacting with a wide range of people on a daily basis as well as if clients looking to find the perfect candidate. Read more.

Recruitment usually involves a decent base pay, with many roles involving performance-based incentives. So the more successful you are, the increased chances you’ll get to earn yourself a small fortune! Begin your recruitment journey

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Labour's love affair with Europe

Labour has had a conflicted relationship with “Europe” and its various stages of political union, ever since Ernie Bevin rejected Jean Monet’s 1950s plan for a European Coal and Steel Community because “the Durham Miners wouldn’t buy it”.

Political historian Peter Hennessy has explained that this opposition reflected both the workers’ concerns that they would lose control of the just-newly nationalised heavy industries, but also how those same men had fought across Europe just a decade before as the Durham Light Infantry, and would be loath to share any form of power or sovereignty with their former foes.

More than half a century later, these old suspicions and enmities have dwindled but Labour has remained restricted by a parochial Weltanschauung.

Tony Blair promised in 1997 to put Britain “at the heart of Europe” but rapidly found himself constrained first by New Labour’s timidity towards the tabloid press (remember The Sun’s headline describing then-German finance minister Oskar Lafontaine as “the most dangerous man in Europe” over tax harmonization proposals?), and then by the toxic fallout from the Iraq War and Donald Rumsfeld’s distinctions between “Old” and “New” Europe.

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