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Welcome to the Politics and Policy website. This website has been set up in order to provide answers to any questions about Politics and Policy you might have, and is full of links and resources on the subject.

Politics is an arena which has broad ranging effects on the lives of people in every level of society. What your politicians do concerns you personally, and as such it is vital that you stay as well informed as possible about what it is that they are doing.

From issues as diverse as global economic problems, wars, the environment, taxation, international policy, local council spending, employment legislation, and many more, there is an endless array of issues that affect you and the ones you hold dear. Whether you live somewhere that has deep seated social problems, or whether you are more concerned with how your nation is contributing to the global society through its international policy, finding out what is going on is your responsibility.

Thankfully there are now more ways to do this than ever. There are of course, still newspapers, and of course television, which has evolved rolling news channels that are dedicated to providing you up to the minute reports on important events, but there is also the internet, and thanks to this and the proliferation of mobile devices,

You can access the latest political news at any time, from anywhere in the world. We are always keen to hear what you think about our Politics and Policy website.




Welcome to the Politics and Policy website. With the ever changing face of world and national politics, and the global community facing more challenges than ever before, it is no surprise that the demand for news about the latest political developments is at its highest.

Politics is an ever changing field, with global repercussions for all, and as such everyone wants to know what their elected officials are doing in the name of their country, and in the name of their people. Thankfully, thanks to the internet, politics is easier to follow than it ever has been. If you have any questions about Politics and Policy, get in touch with us and we will endeavour to answer them.


The new Politics and Policy website is not related to the old Policy Press website. If you would like more information regarding the Policy Press website please contact them directly.

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