The Politics and Policy team are here to help you understand and engage in the political process.

There are many different policies for items sold or delivered around the UK. These policies determine the outcome of the products received by the end-user. There are also certain quality control policies which judge the quality of products that are sold in the UK.

The policies will determine the way things are done at a manufacturer and the way that goods are delivered to the client. Manufacturers’ policies will differ from those used by traders and merchants.

There is a huge amount of disenchantment with politics in the UK currently. Voter turnouts at elections are at an all-time low, with the first elections for Police and Crime Commissioners in November 2015 being a shocking example. And yet political decisions are hugely important to all of us and have a major impact on our lives.

Whether it is pensions policy, what and how our kids are taught in schools, employment protection laws, levels of tax and VAT, health care charges, the maintenance of roads the emptying of our bins, politics has an impact on every single person, and it is lazy thinking to dismiss politics as not being interesting, not mattering to me, or being full of people who are all the same.

When signing a policy it’s a great event so giving out a corporate gift to the party members is a great idea. Gifts help to release the tension and ease any talk in the progress.